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Active and pensile technology is compared go all out - French PSA and Germany ru
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The active suspension that Germany runs quickly is to rely on to adjust pensile stiffness to achieve the goal that raises stability and comfortable sex, and the active suspension of French PSA, it is to rely on to adjust centre of gravity, will achieve those who dominate end of automobile body stability. What accordingly they have essence on function is different. Former be a solution is sought in the contradiction of comfortable sex and stability, latter is a solution is sought in road clearance and stability. So each has his strong point of two kinds of technologies. On function, because run quickly,the air that used alterable volume serves as stretch component, no matter he is the hydraulic pressure system that should exceed PSA in comfortable sex or stability respect. But because air is pensile volume is huge, and the air-tightness with extremely strong need of pipeline of air of whole high pressure, no matter be,make cost accordingly, still use maintaining cost is quite exalted. Assemble merely in the price the about a hundred admiral of 10 thousand: On the SL series model of S series and CL series and new fund. And the hydraulic pressure of PSA is active and pensile, with his cost advantage, the Xue Tielong C5 that can fall in the banner and beautiful these 607 price do not gain ground to the model of 500 thousand, so foreground is likewise very value.

Want the more thorough technology characteristic that understands these two kinds of suspension, be about from a few more fundamental knowledge speaks of.

What is active suspension? Should understand active suspension what is the stability that we want to understand a car above all. Alleged car stability under transport condition, what point to actually is a car when turning, chassis defies the ability of automobile body list, and when the car quickens decelerate chassis defies the ability that looks up to nod with decelerate quickly. We know, the suspension of average car serves as stretch component with helix bedspring. Bedspring stiffness is affirmatory, cannot change. If stiffness is too big, so car stability under transport condition is good, fight list ability strong; If stiffness is too small, so stability can reduce comfortable sex to be able to increase. So car engineers must choose a balance to nod when the design is pensile, let damping spring namely cannot too soft also cannot too hard, can take an intermediate cost only. Coming so is to need cannot complete give attention to two or morethings arrives stability and comfortable sex. To settle this way, we must want to make the stiffness of bedspring alterable, and want controallable the change of stiffness, such ability namely give attention to two or morethings arrives comfortable sex can give attention to two or morethings arrives stability.
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