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Detailed of suspension of double forked type is solved
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Just as its name implies of suspension of double forked type is the suspension structure that rises wheel and automobile body join by two forked arms. As more than it as Mai Fuxun photograph arm of a skewer, accordingly the structure wants a few more complex. The pensile system of this kind of complex structure affirms on function is the place that has excel Mai Fuxun. Accordingly we are necessary to take it alone the structural characteristic that the analysis analyses it and performance characteristics.

Following graphs are composition of a picture of knot of suspension of double forked type:

Institute of the plan on no less than is shown, classical suspension of double forked type differs by two composition of arm of long A word control. It is to get on next short length normally. Assemble between two control arm have change direction main transfer machinery and turn to tray, change direction advocate annul join by what change tray and control of two A word to the arm the position and angle decide. Change direction annulus can circle change direction advocate sell those who make proper point of view to change direction, also can move up and down along with rocker. This kind of structure is very so complex, no matter be,assemble, have very high demand. From the graph we can see suspension two forked arms and change direction advocate sold join position, want to support a wheel to do those who control direction to turn to a movement already, want to support pensile fluctuation to drift again, so traditional one-way manacling cannot be taken apparently, here must use ball head to join ability satisfies the need that 4 direction move. If pursue:

There is colophony to seating is propped up as motion and lubricate in ball head, also can have certain damping effect at the same time. But intensity of means of this kind of join is very finite, and offensive noise can be given out after colophony wears away, need changes regularly. Of course, what this points to is the suspension of double forked type of classics model, as the progress of the development of the times and technology, suspension of double forked type is developmental also gave all sorts of version, beautiful the front overhang of 407 is hanged abandoned design of traditional join of ball head type, use the rigid structure with oriented sheet. If pursue:
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