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Beautiful 307 or Biekekai is jumped over
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Car number: 6063 car condition: 5 stars
Car classification: Car color: Do not be restricted
Car brand: Beautiful 307 or Biekekai jumps over model of car: Beautiful 307 common model, triumphant commonner model
Engine type: Do not be restricted homebred / entrance: Do not be restricted
Fuel: Do not be restricted capacity: Do not be restricted
100 kilometers oily bad news: 0 gearshift system: Do not be restricted
Drive means: Do not be restricted located area: Wuhan city

Buy car use: Price of car of the private hope that use a car: The face is discussed
The car is in charge of a date that register: After 2006 - 6 travel kilometer: - - kilometer
Two handcart are other requirement
1, car certificate must all ready, lawful. 2, without big traffic accident. Intended person but interview. Two handcart are peddled avoid talk. I switch on the mobile phone 24 hours the good news that awaits you.

Contact means
Contact: Email of Zhong Gong gold: Yunahot@hotmail.com
Mobile phone: 13986083520 M S N:
Phone: Hubei Wuhan Q Q: 786101638

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