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Jiang Huai, small Xiang Yu the Conqueror
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Car classification: Van color: Do not be restricted
Car brand: Jiang Huai, model of car of small Xiang Yu the Conqueror: 10111
Engine type: Do not be restricted homebred / entrance: Do not be restricted
Fuel: Derv capacity: Do not be restricted
100 kilometers oily bad news: 0 gearshift system: Do not be restricted
Drive means: Do not be restricted located area: Wuhan city

Buy car use: Price of car of the private hope that use a car: The face is discussed
The car is in charge of a date that register: After 2002 - 5 travel kilometer: - - kilometer
Two handcart are other requirement
Beg in buying, small-sized van

Phone: 13297925545

Contact means
Contact: Zheng Jun Email: 123@sohu.com

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