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Tips: newly purchased used car essential maintenance
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Now, buy more and more people used cars, consumer attitudes are completely different from previous, been second-hand car market will be aware, today's used car quality is steadily rising, new models are also market Frequent. There are many people who buy second-hand cars are just learning to complete driver's license, buy an affordable used cars and thought-type hand, on behalf of the travel. But there are a few people know how to make the best used car vehicle condition, to maintain the best Performance, the hedge also the most secure? Some people may not pay attention to these very important issues, and today I came and to discuss our second-hand car maintenance, and maintenance. First of all, are only, used cars, the first 4S store to do is to conduct a maintenance. Maintenance of engine oil must be changed every time, and also check all the screws and joints are secure, with or without loose situation. As Mileage over 50,000 kilometers, or more than the useful life of more than three years will require an additional check on second-hand car gearbox oil, brake fluid, coolant, rear differential oil (AWD vehicles). Then is that some hardware, engine Timing belts, brake pads, fuel filtration, air, air filtration, turbocharger (some cars have). The key is the car's tires, and some more than driving a car, the tire has worn to the scale of the line, he will Need to change. There are not many cars usually run, but the life of the vehicle too long, although the tire prints on the clear, but the rubber has long been hardened grip a direct impact on vehicle performance, safety problems is very prominent, also need to To be replaced. So check the tires must be good. Finally is the appearance of the car and deal with internal compartments, external main polishing and waxing, make the car look newer, and interior is to clear the inside Cleaning and cleaning and disinfection, as was the car smell and bacteria are eliminated. Of course, there are a lot of quality second-hand car dealers, their vehicles are sold through a number of road maintenance and maintenance processes, eliminating the need for consumers to worry about.