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Two handcart trade service fee rises to be reduced considerably today
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Since now, the citizen trades in the two handcart that buying and selling needs to pay when two handcart the service is expended (namely intermediary serves cost) will reduce in the round, highest price level allows to fall from 5000 yuan in collecting fees it is 1200 yuan, fall panel height amounts to 76 % . Province prices bureau published a regulation a few days ago, serve to saving two handcart to trade completely in collecting fees, exact value undertook new check and ratify, specific standard is carried out formally since now.

It is reported, two handcart trade after the service expends rate to edit, prices branch is collecting fees reform is implemented on means, it is the market when by car use fixed number of year and car trade so new car price is a basis, adopt the class of classification, cent, norm that presses year of discount to collect fees method, adjust now for the car kind according to capacity cent is 7 class, other the model category that sets by the country executes kind of car norm collects fees.

Specific in collecting fees, exact price level is as follows: (one) passenger car: Miniature (automobile body is 4 meters chief below) car of 250 yuan of / , small-sized reach a station waggon (automobile body is 4 meters chief, 6 meters) car of 400 yuan of / , medium-sized (automobile body is 6 meters chief, 9 meters) car of 600 yuan of / , ; (2) van: Miniature (total mass 1.8 tons the following) car of 250 yuan of / , small-sized (total mass 3.5, 1.8 tons) car of 450 yuan of / , medium-sized (total mass 3.5, 12 tons) car of 600 yuan of / , big, heavy-duty (total mass 12 tons of above) car of 800 yuan of / ; (3) car, cross-country car, business affairs car (press capacity) : 1 litres are reached below car of 250 yuan of / , 1.1, cars of 1.4 litres of 400 yuan of / , 1.41, cars of 1.6 litres of 500 yuan of / , 1.61, cars of 1.8 litres of 700 yuan of / , 1.81, cars of 2.2 litres of 900 yuan of / , 2.21, cars of 2.6 litres of 1000 yuan of / ; (4) special type car (contain drawing trailer and of all kinds and special vehicle) car of 1000 yuan of / ; (5) agricultural car, tractor car of 200 yuan of / ; (6) autocycle car of 120 yuan of / .

According to calculating, this second lower rate, will former top rate 5000 yuan, adjust reduce it is 1200 yuan, reduce extent to amount to 76 % ; Lowermost rate is adjusted for every car 250 yuan, reduce extent to make an appointment with 45.9 % . Among them, the passenger car collects fees on average by former every car 433 yuan, drop it is 311 yuan, fall an about 29 % ; Van collects fees on average by former every car 496 yuan, drop it is 478 yuan, fall an about 4 % ; The car collects fees on average by former every car 801 yuan, drop it is 534 yuan, fall an about 34 % .

In the meantime, definitive edition of compasses of province prices bureau second those who announce is medium exact value allows each district to trade the market is top rise 10 % , trade in order to reduce two handcart the management pressure of the market; The price also can fall surplus, but every car trades lowest collects fees must not under 200 yuan, with preventing to trade the market is contention passenger source eagerly the malign competition behavior of the demand a low price.
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