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Where is two handcart price high?
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The first, it is essential that the house of new car price does not fall high element

The car that reviews the whole world consumes the market, although Chinese market is the most active, but the car price that compares country and configuration, we think homebred still lie with the price that imports new car higher price. Especially in the model price of high-grade above basically appeared according to exchange rate computation very big price difference, profit of the labour cost that this includes tax cost, multifarious segment among them, agency, luxury tax is waited a moment. The runs store of cost, 4S mint investment that homebred car house does not leave high reclaims, the further progress that inadequacy of economic norms of onefold model production amount gives Chinese car the market etc brought an influence. The fundamental reference price that the opposite higher-priced of new car price can cause two handcart price is higher, because this price is the element of essential sex.

The 2nd, two handcart tighten spruce resource advantage to cause price on the high side

What because new car retains,measure in the two handcart market that abroad develops is numerous and the car serves as common consumer goods gain ground, corresponding two handcart resource is so more abundant, often be the market situation that begs for be more than accordingly. And the quality of car has been compared relatively, sincere letter is spent taller also, buying an user so often is have power to make decisions " sacred " . Because the resource of two handcart industries of domestic is in,show level to still be in comparatively " in short supply " condition, because of this not little quality reliable brand acknowledge spends tall two handcart " hoard as a rare commodity " , the relative ratio that keep a cost is accordingly more congener than abroad the rate keeping a cost of two handcart wants tall.

The 3rd, car service life is different cause two handcart value to differ

The situation that another home consumer understands not quite, as a result of,be of service life of domestic and international car different the difference of two handcart value that create is very big. For instance the car such as Japan consumes mature area, the car discards as useless course of development is controlled in 100 thousand kilometer commonly, although course of development of travel of Japanese customer use traffic is little, also basically be 10 years the left and right sides discards as useless. So the damage value of car mixes 10 years to sign up for useless computation according to 100 thousand kilometer commonly. But China shows level to discard as useless fixed number of year is lengthened after coming 15 years, majority car is average and annual use above of 20 thousand kilometer, arrive finally discard as useless link travel course of development is close to 500 thousand kilometer. The continuity that this also showed to the car uses value to be in China is very long, damage value change is accordingly more special.
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