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Where is two handcart price high?
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The 4th, two handcart are add cost nibble profit

Because domestic car consumes primary level of the environment, the cost of two handcart industry is so more complex, add especially cost, trade for instance cost of service fee, site, administration fee is waited a moment, the charge of car reorganize and outfit, spare parts, information collects charge to compare abroad etc tall. Because cost house is tall,additionally no less than nibble dropped profit share.

According to domestic and international data contrast, the profit of bicycle of two handcart middleman that waits for a country in the United States, Japan achieves 12%-24% on average, but because home competes intense basically had glided 7%-10% . Additionally level of the operation level as a result of domestic industry and integrated resource still lies development phase, because the two handcart industry of this China still has,very long way should go. Two handcart want than abroad relative to the price tall, but overall downtrend is very apparent.

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