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The check in year is secondhand sales volume of car city old car jumps all the w
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Although nowadays is secondhand,car city already entered a tradition off-season, but the expression first half of the year still can be encircled can nod, among them most the fact that invigorates popular feeling trades namely the rapid growth of the quantity. Occupy the statistical data of auto industry association to show, first half of the year 1 to May, old car trades the quantity has held motor vehicle to trade again and again the 40% above of the quantity, among them March, old car sale is the good achievement with 49 % held half of country more. So, the development like a raging fire that what reason makes two handcart city be? And what person is the backbone force of domain of two handcart consumption? Will next two handcart city still maintain so swift and violent growth momentum?

Two handcart trade growth is rapid it is the fact that does not dispute, according to Beijing motor vehicle of industrial and commercial bureau manages the data of substation to show: Beijing clinched a deal in all 2006 motor vehicle seven hundred and forteen thousand two hundred, among them old car clinchs a deal three hundred and twenty-two thousand two hundred, grow 63% than 2005. And 2007 first half of the year, old car trades the quantity is with holding motor vehicle to trade the achievement of 40% above portion and new car sell gross more stand up to sb as an equal. From which, the idea buying a car that we can discover compatriots has begun from " old stuff does not have good money " to " buy secondhand more economy is substantial " transform slowly.

Old car devalues the space is little

We must admit, be in impoverished when, low-cost it is one of main reasons that buy two handcart. Have again, buy two handcart to be able to reduce car to devalue brought loss. Beijing old motor vehicle trades bud of king of market chief inspector tells a reporter, "Of very much new car devalue, do not bring about. Be like on the market a lot of more current the new car that does not appear on the market, its price is in a complete mess than falling with the photograph when appearing on the market first. It is impossible to appear that this kind of phenomenon is in abroad, but home's blundering car manufacturer is in of price respect not rigorous and hold to market trend do not reach the designated position, often can produce such result. And the optional float of the price, can make consumer subordinate to this brand again the function keeping a cost of the model generates doubt, as time passes, won't again consumer buys the car of this brand. And although two handcart also suffer the effect that new car depreciates, but basic price system is stabler, devalue so the space is little also be one of accounts that two handcart sales volume adds. Devalue so the space is little also be one of accounts that two handcart sales volume adds..

What person buys two handcart

"I am Chongqing person, do electronic business in sea otter at present, take the money of small lot occasionally, it is chip, the car that buys a petty gain so is enough used. " a person seeing a car that asking Sangdana says to the reporter.
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