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Second-hand car was estimated 15% of the floating intermediary
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"Motor sounds, Huangjinwanliang" Today, the West used cars in the Chinese market is still circulating then the classic: an 8 into a new

Beverly, less than 2 million purchase price the previous day, next day it sold 5 million dollars.
Now is not the same. Interviews in recent days, most used car dealers on the "profit source" vague, but sometimes "Nosey" gave away: Today,

the car dealers "make the difference" years are gone.
On-site "" "
200 yuan to the number of adjustable km
The morning of September 7, Hanxi Ma street, a vintage Ford commercial vehicle hood is opened. Waterproof wearing long aprons to the staff,

covered with a towel in the engine, after holding a water cannon in front of the hood through fierce

Red. Behind him, in disorder yards with a slip of detergent powder, caustic soda pots ... ...
Five minutes later, all the parts brand new hood.
In this market, dozens of cars every day "enjoy" such a cleaning process.
How much such a clean look to spend money? "Wait for cheaper than the car wash." Chinese and Western markets, a car dealer Wu Jie respect,

the high-pressure water jets wash the engine, in the future "will be 'cold', and that not to have find many hairs

Disease. "
"On the surface of the plastic, basically does not care about outsiders." Jie Wu, a shopkeeper next door, said Liu Hongzhi, refurbished car

accident much more complex, "to be thrown into the general repair shop, do a seven out eight buyers do not see anyway out of the old

Car. "
Moreover, in Wuhan, almost every market has a shiny cheap car, from the surface can not see life, and even a few kilometers can be false.

"Less than 200 dollars, adjusting a few kilometers, it is in a small problem."

Liu Hongzhi said.
Inside, "" "
Second-hand car trade is underground
It is understood that the formal transfer of such links, there is still underground transactions. The so-called underground economy, is

actually very simple, as long as the buyer of a fancy car, and then negotiate a good price with the car, both cold number-crunching. The

And, once sold cars, car dealers assume any responsibility for, and this is the line of second-hand car dealer unspoken rules.
"In order to avoid transfer taxes payable at the time, all the car dealers and buyers are asked to sign a contract, and then wait until the

real buyers subscription procedures for transfer." Said Liu Hongzhi, but in the meantime, the seller is still the law

The owner, but the car is not already the hands of the seller.
"Once the car during an accident, the legal dispute arises, and even involves the strong narrow range of insurance claims and other legal

issues." Liu Hongzhi said.
Wuhan Saab car dealer used-car market a quietly told reporters that the successful completion of these underground transactions are mostly

unable to transfer, or have failed to detect the service life of vehicles.
It is understood that there are underground now the major markets transactions, both buyers and sellers once the transaction is successful,

car dealers earn anywhere from a few thousand dollars.
"It is these extended car, sick car, creating a lot of 'killer road'." Admitted the industry, which led to road safety one of the great

hazards of the reason.
Supervision "" "
Assessors "Potamogeton downtown" look material
In the second-hand car trading process, a part of concern is, who will assess the price. As a rule, the old vehicle by a professional

assessment to evaluate pricing based on vehicle mileage members, time, security, mainly

Parts, other factors to determine the market price of used cars.
The reporter observed that most market assessor "Potamogeton trouble," they just looked like an intermediary performing official duties of

the materials handed to the car to complete the assessment.
Journalists surveyed more than a dozen agencies and found that they all have business license, but the license can only operate on both the

old state agency.
You do not allow the required transaction used cars, used cars can only be approved into the relevant market transactions, but one hundred

percent of the intermediaries in trading used cars.
In the interview, the reporter found that an "old charges," made a 20 million cars, according to car age to receive l000 to 2000 yuan per

Concerned that the value of the estimated 6,7 million car literally into the 7,8 million, changed hands after sitting in reselling cents,

this overestimation of the phenomenon also occurs from time to time.
Reminded "" "
Bargain over 10% of the vehicles in question
For the price, Daduo car dealers are helpless, "new car sold more expensive, the industry increasingly high transparency, good business is

It is understood that the common model, in particular for domestic brand-name hot-selling models, like Charade, Alto, Santana, Santana 2000,

Jetta, Beverly and other models, can be cut to 5% than the price even if very good .
Such as the 2008 Modern Sports & MT, the basic price used car brokers 8 million, the final sale price be right in the 7-7.5 ten thousand

yuan, even lower than this if the basic problems will be more of these.
Of course, not exclude a small number of popular models to bargain about the possibility of 20%.
In addition, the profit center of fine second-hand car afterwards has been the industry's "trade secrets", such as used cars are usually the

first after taking over for insurance, maintenance fee refund as a source of profit, and to assist new customers to do

Management insurance, loans, vehicle inspection and other services can also get some profit, though not many of these little money, but also

accumulated in considerable profits are now second-hand car can not be considered as a "small account."