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Vehicle maintenance of new technology, "Lun Jian" Wuhan
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Last week, the Road Transport Association of Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Hubei Automobile Dealers Association and the Association of second-

hand car trading industry's "new technologies to promote exchange of vehicle maintenance will be" held in Seoul. There are nearly hundreds of

vehicle maintenance services

The main business enterprises attended the exchange.

    Exchange meeting, the Road Transport Association and the Wuhan City Wuhan Yunguan Chu vehicle maintenance office and other relevant

person in charge, analysts pointed out that the current status of the vehicle maintenance industry, and major issues, called the vehicle

maintenance industry practitioners

Integrity of business legal compliance. In addition, the provincial executive vice president Luo Jiwen Automobile Dealers Association also

published the "Integrated with divergent thinking and seeking win-win automotive service industry," the keynote speech, indicating that the

vehicle maintenance industry practitioners to add

Strong training and learning, the courage to range widely and used car trade and other related industries, and expand business areas.

    The meeting invited the Chinese-American, Yale University, postdoctoral, senior engineer Professor Zhang Zewei to the meeting,

introducing the home run Sunrise Auto Parts (Bristol) Limited life experience, it is also introduced

Foreign advanced management experience in vehicle maintenance industry: auto repair shop should have the courage and have a big brand auto

parts manufacturers in direct cooperation, to provide every consumer quality assurance, brand services, auto parts,

Safeguard the interests of its clients is to maintain a good service the interests of the enterprise itself.