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Suizhou used car trade is not short off-season
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Hot summer heat with the City of reminders used car market. In recent days, the reporter visited several Suizhou found second-hand car

market, the scorching sun did not completely block the people's passion for car, used car sales "is not short off-season."

Second-hand car market, according to Foley, Marketing Manager, 3-May Geqiong introduced, second-hand car trading volume is only 10 or so per

month, has now been increased to 30, is expected to 10 months to 60 vehicles. Suizhou

City old motor vehicle market introduced Li Heping, general manager, second-hand car market is characterized by Suizhou "is not short off-

season, peak season is not busy", the selling price volatility is not. The monthly turnover of second-hand car market is about 70-80, is the

peak season

Half of the considerable number of them sold through the network in Wuhan and Henan, Xinjiang and other provinces.

Li Heping was doing 8 years in Wuhan, the used car business, in May 2008 returned to Suizhou development. He said that the second-hand car

market Suizhou not very mature, Suizhou City public awareness of used cars is also not enough.

Many people buy a car can not be rational planning, the use of funds, would rather buy a new car does not fit, do not want to buy a

relatively cheap and practical second-hand car. Geqiong introduction, Foley used car customers are rural farmers, purchase

Models are mostly buying trucks and vans used to transport goods such as mushrooms, then customers.

Industry experts, and now new car brands, the quality is variable, so some people come specifically to the secondary market Amoy excellent

quality, good reputation, high hedging models. Experts advise to buy second-hand cars,

To a priori "visceral", after the outlook appearance. A look at the quality of the car, check engine is normal, whether overhauled; two

sources to see the car, checking the vehicle procedures, such as vehicle license and insurance.