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Car number: 5922 cars license plate: AKJ0** of another name for Hubei province
Car classification: Car vehicle condition: 5 stars
Car brand: Ailishe color: Black
Engine type: 4 crocks of model of car: Ailishe 8V
Fuel: Benzine is homebred / entrance: Homebred
100 kilometers oily bad news: 8 capacity: - -
Drive means: System of front-wheel drive gearshift: The hand uses speed change
Primary vehicle utility: Private offer the price with the car: ¥ 64000
Travel kilometer: 41000 kilometers

Around plate: Card of all ready travel: All ready
Raise travelling expenses: Be sure effectively: Effective
Car purchases surtax: Circumstance of all ready yearly check: Effective
Car boat royalities: Buy car bill effectively: All ready
Instalment: Be not instalment located area: Wuhan city
Two handcart are other description
1)2004 year the card on March, car condition is admirable, without size accident.
2) high-grade configuration, gush of many bits of report, 3 yuan of catalysis, 4 report Bo, ABS system, explosion proof gasbag, central door accuses, dermal seat, shallow interior trim.
3) formalities is all ready, can normal change the name of owner in a register, year careful arrives 2008, insurance arrives in Feburary 2007.
This 4) car primary vehicle price 110 thousand much, now with haematemesis price 64 thousand reduction sale.
The person cut price in cold blood such as meal of 5) intermediary car not faze, scratch enough hot line: 15926499802

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