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Lengthen of _2.4 of star of red flag century
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Technical parameter
Long / wide / tall (Mm) : Tread of 5122 /1814 /1422 (before / hind) (Mm) : 1476 /1483
Boot cubage (L) : Quality of reorganize and outfit (Kg) : 1440
Door number (door calculating remaining part) : 5 seating () : 5
Wind block coefficient (Cd) : 0.321 engine position / drive form: Before buy / front-wheel drive
Start type style: AUDI V6, 5 a powerful person, double camshaft carrying buy on the head, electronic-controlled crock of gasoline engine of fuel eject type counts () : 6
Every crocks of valve counts () : 5 most high-power (Kw/rpm) : 110/6000
The biggest torque (N·M/rpm) : 230/3200 compression ratio: 10.5: 1
Capacity (Ml) : 2400 oily bad news (L/100KM) : 9.8
Environmental protection standard: Europe Ⅲ top speed (Km/h) : 190
0-100km/h quickly time (S) : 15 transmission type: The hand is moved
Pensile type (before / hind) : Suspension of independence of Mai Fuxun type / trailing arm is torsional norms of bridge suspension tire (before / hind) : 205/60R15 /205/60R15
The smallest turn radius (M) : 6 steering wheel adjust means: Hydraulic pressure
Before dynamoelectric window: Have skylight:
Hind dynamoelectric window: Have CD: Have
Boot lamp: Have EBD:
Dynamoelectric window prevents the function that place a hand: Have perch (the 3rd) brake lamp: Have
The lock accuses in: Have driver's seat gasbag: Have
Deputy drive gasbag: Have ABS: Have
Basic parameter
New car brand: One steam car
New car model: Lengthen of _2.4 of star of red flag century
Manufacturer: One steam car
Appear on the market time: 2003
Car category: Car
Compartment type: 3 compartment
Manufacturing condition: In produce
Sell position: Be in annul
Guarantee policy: 2 years / 40 thousand kilometer
Referenced quote (10 thousand yuan) : Two hundred and forty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan

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