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Strange luck car
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Trade type: Sell
Taste   card: Strange luck car
Model   date: Strange luck QQ
Color: Green
Platoon quantity: 1.1
Crock number: L3
Expectation price: 33 thousand yuan

Plate number: 173
Go up a date: 2006-12
Be in an address: Wuhan
Car configuration
Electric gush, the hand stirs file, common lacquer, CD, card, dynamoelectric window, cloth art sits set, ABS
Contact means
Contact full name: Zhou Kun connects a telephone call: 13995653394

Basic parameter
Year careful period of efficacy: 2009-02
Insurance period of efficacy: 2009-02
Maintain a road expends period of efficacy: 2008-05
Travel card, purchase cost certificate, car boat duty, motor vehicle registers card, buy car bill

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