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50 bells van
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Car name: Type of traffic of 50 bells truck: Brand of traffic of old freight car: Model of car: Car color: Area of the card on white: Hubei - time of the card on Wuhan: The yearly check arrived 2004: Insurance handed in to in October 2008: Cost of maintain a road handed in to in October 2008: Travel kilometer counted in October 2008: Crock of car of 550 thousand kilometer counts: Place of production of 6 crocks of car: Entrance gear-box: The hand uses procedure all ready: All ready whether but change the name of owner in a register: Can whether operation: It is the pubic / private car: Standard of the pubic vehicle configures: Complement explains: Car type: Box type drives a freight car, brand type; 50 bells, FVR34SX color: White, the date that register: On October 15, 2004, check and ratify holds mass: 7270 kilograms
Car quality is better, it is better that car condition is used, without breakdown, item oil
Add up to 4, can sell together
Car name: Brand of traffic of 50 bells truck: Car seat: Hubei - Wuhan car is detailed address: Hubei saves Wuhan city to transfer the value: The face is discussed

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