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SAIC-GM-hand in the first ten degrees a joint venture company set up second-
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Shanghai GM was founded in 2002, "Prudential New Used Car" brand to the core to build a 4S store used-car business. 8 years later, one with "new sincerity" as the brand of the joint venture was set up yesterday, this joint venture will be in used-car The introduction of hypermarkets area mode, focus on brand sales, not scattered in various 4S shop. The company's investment ratio was 34%, 33% and 33%, the newly established "Shanghai Cheng New Used Car Management Limited" ("the Prudential New Used Car"), the registered capital of 35 million yuan, Ding Lei, Shanghai GM, General Manager In Said in an interview, the future pace of investment will be gradually expanded with the construction of stores. Cheng birth of a new second-hand car used car will become China's first joint venture business, the company will focus on the OEM business model and brand hypermarkets, according to development plan, established in 2011 used four Car supermarkets, and in the next 5 years, 20 hypermarkets form the network. The company is also set up between SAIC and GM's 10 joint ventures. Cheng future new used car hypermarkets, 400 will have a "sincere new used car" business, resources, Shanghai GM to integrate 4S shop. However, SAIC's sales have been to "Angelina" as the brand of used car business, the injection of new honest business will not form second- hand car business competition? SAIC Chairman Ye Yongming sales of the "First Financial Daily "said that as sincere focus on the new store model used cars, and SAIC, Angelina used car sales used car to focus the value of the whole industrial chain of mining, the two do not conflict. "Angelina and the future is to carry out sincere cooperation, the new, which one is the main business, one store, including accreditation, licensing and other services on all business entities need to operate, so business is not in contradiction." Ye Yong Clearly emphasized. China Automobile Dealers Association data show that in 2009, the national second-hand car trading volume was 334 million, is expected to reach 4.2 million this year. It should be said, with the growth rate of 47% or more of the domestic new car sales growth compared to Used car market growth significantly Pianman, while car sales last year with 13.64 million compared to the scale, the overall size of second -hand car market is also less than normal. Caused the development of second-hand car is not satisfactory by many factors, the China Automobile Dealers Association Secretary-General Luo Lei interview yesterday, said the main reason trade is a cool car overall ownership of small, Also can not ignore the majority of car users as "the first" car, so the probability of selection is relatively small second-hand car. "China has a large number of 2 million to 3 million price models, the impact of this product cheaper second-hand car market." Lei Luo said that another user can not second-hand cars because consumption is that for the existing evaluation process used cars general Over the concerns.