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Best buy used cars to sell five ways
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First, assess the value of the vehicle In the second-hand car trading, price is the core of the problem, the reason people buy used cars in the final analysis in order to save money. However, different brands, different years by different owners of vehicles after use, condition, poor thousand thousand Do not, it is difficult to grasp and reasonable transaction prices, used car market, the effects of the severe information asymmetry realization of second-hand car trading. Assessed value of the vehicle is to make clear the real vehicle in buyers and sellers, so buyers grasp the real detailed vehicle condition information, not only can protect the interests of the buyer, but also truly reflects the value of the owner of the car, so that parties to the transaction of A consensus and mutual trust. Complete assessment of the vehicle must provide a detailed price source and the vehicle identification information, the actual appearance of the interior configuration of the vehicle, vehicle use and other relevant market information. The vehicle inspection procedures 1. The vehicle registration certificate, driving license, additional license fees, insurance card, finished a single maintenance fee payment, warranty cards and other vehicle information; 2. Vehicle history proved that the original vehicle purchase invoice; imported vehicle must confirm the vehicle is large, trade, customs confiscated, business confiscated, smuggled cars, trucks and other conditions set cards; 3. Owner of the vehicle identification (1) The owner of the vehicle as a unit, to provide legal code permits and official seal; (2) The owner of the vehicle for individuals, the need for personal identity card (temporary accounts need to provide temporary residence permits.) 4. Vehicle agency proved 5. Check clearing violation records 6. Installments to pay off car loans are three options selling cars way: multiple choice, infinite experience. Dealers, is actually very simple. 1. Operating company / brokerage acquisition Sell used cars directly to the car to run the company, these companies will acquire a simple tidy up the vehicle, sub-sold to other buyers. Features: Paid their dues in one hand and PDI, convenient and relatively low prices. Because the space agency to bear the costs, personnel costs, repair costs, financial risk, but also to maintain a reasonable operating, so trading between There must be difference. The amplitude of the specific models and market conditions, generally selling models, ranging from small, popular cars larger difference Suitable for: If you want to sell the vehicle as soon as possible, get the money, do not care about the difference, you can choose this way. 2. Consignee The car second-hand car entrusted to a professional broker agent, who will be responsible for processing vehicle transactions affairs. Including valuation, to find buyers, price negotiation, transfer and other formalities. Features: You do not need to spend time and energy to communicate with the buyer, save time and worry. Depending on the price of the vehicle models and market conditions, are generally higher than the purchase price will be, and you have to pay a certain amount of agency fees. Suitable for: If you do not hurry to sell, would like as much a selling point, but not any time and effort, you might consider consignment way. 3. Bid Bid in the professional publishing your vehicle information online, lowest price and given a time limit to accept the buyer's auction network and sold to the highest bidder. Features: Open side to sell side, determined by the market price, transparent. Of course, there 流拍 possible. If more people in the auction, you can fully reflect the car's price. Reached the general intent of the transaction, the auction Web site A professional to help you complete the formalities related to the transaction. Suitable for: If you do not hurry to sell cars, want to experience the Internet for auction bid may wish to choose. 4. Since the sale The car sold to friends, or other individuals deal with their own processes and procedures related matters. Features: Deal directly with buyers to talk about price, vehicle inspection, transfer. Price to be agreed upon, if lucky, may sell an unexpected good price. Unless it is sold to friends, or to find buyers, the price Negotiations, inspection, formalities, time and energy will be good Best completion of the transaction for clearance, to prevent disputes. Suitable for: If you do not hurry to sell cars, want to experience the fun of transactions to choose from the sale of it. 5. Permutation Ready to buy the new model selected, and then put your car to the dealer price assessment, be set off against some cars. Vehicle manufacturers to hand over complete renovation after the sale, or sell used cars directly to run the company. Features: Trading the same time to complete, simple and convenient, but also get some discount dealers. Offsetting the price and the purchase price of the vehicle almost as manufacturers will have to deal with these replacement up the car. Advantage is that new car sales to enjoy some Sales and service aspects of profit sharing Suitable for: If you are eager to sell old cars for new cars and new car replacement services firms have the option of replacement.