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Vehicle speed detection into the used car industry, the focus of attention f
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Recently, Xiao Bian used cars from China (Jinan) vehicle speed detection center that, since the vehicle condition detection activities free of charge since the start of the majority of riders has been the general concern of society, especially the high level of participation and support of users. With the used car industry, heating, condition of transparency has become a topic of growing concern, while vehicle speed detecting second-hand car industry has also become the focus of attention. Emerged precisely in response to this trend is also strong third-party testing organization to attract the attention of everyone, especially the second-hand car from China Shandong Traffic Radio Network and jointly organized by the "Love in the road" free vehicle speed detection activities more User is word of mouth, attracted wide attention from industry insiders. It is understood that since this event since the beginning of November 8, through the Broadcasting Corporation of China and Shandong delivery network to make appointments for second-hand car owners flocked to detect, especially through the network owners to understand and make an appointment is showing a steady increase trend. Not difficult to understand, used cars from the initial line entity transactions, to second-hand car industry in recent years, the rapid development of the site, apparently, the network has become an effective second-hand car industry booster, to a certain extent, contributed significantly to the secondary car industry in China, market development and overall economic recovery.